Spring Hill couple’s fitness facilities grow with their dreams

SPRING HILL — There was a time when Kathy Calcagni was so stooped over while walking that looking at other people was a chore.

After about a year of working with a personal trainer at Epic Health and Fitness, she can stand nearly straight up, and she said she feels better than she felt in years.

“I love it,” she said of Epic Health and Fitness’s location in Spring Hill. “I used to walk really hunched over.”

People had said she’d never walk straight up, she said.

“In six months, I was walking better.”

Ryan and Kelly Unger, a married couple, have been operating Epic Health and Fitness for about three years, with one site in a strip shopping center on Spring Hill Drive and another on Commercial Way in Weeki Wachee.

They dream of more sites and someday franchising their idea of an accessible and friendly gym where clients know they’ll get great service and personal attention. Right now, they’re in the early stages of franchising in Texas, New Jersey and Hawaii.

“We’re helping people set up their own Epic Health and Fitness, so they’ll get all of our branding and all of our assistance, our processes through that,” Ryan said.

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