Epic Health and Fitness Announces Franchise Opportunities

Epic Health and Fitness, a mid-size gym with cutting edge equipment, 24-hour accessibility, and regular access to certified trainers announces the launch of their new franchise.

SPRING HILL, Fla., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Epic Health and Fitness, a state-of-the-art health club committed to providing members with customized and affordable personal training, weight loss guidance, and cutting-edge equipment, today announced the launch of their franchise, EPIC FRANCHISE SYSTEMS, LLC. Founded in 2018, Epic Health and Fitness experienced tremendous success with the openings of their first two locations in Hernando County, Florida, both reaching more than 50 percent goal capacity within just six months of opening.

With a 1000 membership cap, Epic Health and Fitness offers a spacious exercise environment with lower members per square foot, allowing for proper social distancing at all times. This strategy has allowed the business to maintain momentum even amid the pandemic, resulting in a 75 percent usage rate among current members and a 90 percent retention rate compared to the average health club rate of 62 percent. Dedicated to the unique needs of each member, Epic Health and Fitness does not cater to a niche or singular type of training but offers a well-rounded atmosphere with resources for every member’s individual experience level.

“We’re excited to begin working with franchisees who are passionate about the industry and align with our brand vision,” said Ryan Unger, Co-Founder and CEO of Epic Health and Fitness. “We’ve seen how well our business model works, even in a cross-generational region like central Florida where our members vary from the most experienced gym-goers to individuals who need much more hands-on assistance.”

At Epic Health and Fitness, members are welcomed with several resources to begin working towards their fitness goals including:

  • Introductory sit-down conversation with Epic Health and Fitness personable staff member
  • Complete analysis of the member’s body type, BMI, and metabolism with an Epic Health and Fitness personal trainer and nutritionist
  • Individualized fitness regimen including a complimentary 30-day workout plan and nutrition guide
  • Affordable and expansive personal training options including 30-to-60-minute expert one on one training, boot camp style group training, and small group fitness classes
  • Diverse and cutting-edge equipment such as free weights, functional training rigs, optimal machines, and unique cardio options
  • 24/7 access to facilities, staff and personal trainers who can offer guidance and encouragement, and assist with proper use of equipment

“We’re eager to expand through the franchise and continue our growth in the industry, not only as a business, but as advocates for individuals seeking the support they truly need to make fitness a part of their lifestyle,” said Kelly Unger, Co-Founder of Epic Health and Fitness. “By 2023 we aim to establish 10 more locations throughout Florida and bordering states and expect to expand that number to 100 new openings throughout the country by 2027.”

About Epic Health and Fitness:

The Epic Health and Fitness Franchise is a 24-hour model with a laser focus on results through affordable and flexible personal training, nutrition planning, competition prep coaching, weight loss, general fitness guidance and proper fitness equipment. The business model follows a 1000 membership cap to offer a spacious and clean exercise environment with lower occupancy per square foot and personalized attention for all members. Headquartered in Spring Hill, Florida, Epic Health and Fitness was founded in 2018 by Ryan and Kelly Unger who are both certified in personal training and nutrition and have a wide range of experience across various consumer service industries.

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